My name is Andy but you can call me DB and welcome to The Dad Blogs.  I am a slightly overweight, 35 year old living and working in the sunny seaside town of Blackpool, where I live with my wife and our 3 year old son Charlie. 

Probably one of the first things you should know about me is that I have 3 main loves in my life:

My wife of 6 years Becky (aka The Unicorn Mummy)

My boy Charlie

Pizza, pizza and more pizza!!!

This is my blog about being a Daddy for the first time, which I thought to be honest wasn't going to happen, you can read all about that journey in my blog.


I wanted to write a blog which is going to be open, honest, real and sometimes whiney about life as a parent and how it can be the greatest thing, but some times the hardest . But most of all I wanted to share with you my experiences, tips, my general thoughts and advice on being a dad!

Welcome to the Dad Blogs