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A Premier Stay

I have a two-year-old son! Friday of last week we celebrated Charlies 2nd birthday, where the heck has that time gone?! I remember when he was first born people would say to me enjoy it, they grow so fast, I never really believed this but I tell you what, they were right!

I am going to gloat here! I feel quite proud of all the experiences that Charlie has had so far! He's seen and done so many things, he's even met, Prince William!

For his 2nd birthday we w,anted to do something special and spend it with family. Perfect timing as the same weekend we were invited to a naming ceremony,so of f to coventry we went!

We stayed at the Premier Inn in the city centre of Coventry. Staying for two nights is a rarity for us, as normally it’s a stretch to afford it and still be able to enjoy ourselves. However booking directly through the premier inn website we found a good deal, £110 to two nights, Friday through Sunday and considering it’s a bank holiday weekend I thought this was a great rate! Often many of the cheapest rates for Premier Inn are available directly through their own site and if you're not tied to dates you can get rooms in the most popular destinations for as little as £35.

Premier Inn have always been a great place for us to stay due to low cost and quality of stay. I cant recommend the Belgrade Plaza location enough. As we were celebrating Charlie’s birthday we contacted the hotel a few days before to ask if we could decorate his room, this wasn't a problem and the hotel said they would even leave something in the room for us!

So everything was booked all we had to do was turn up.

One of the things I like about when booking with Premier Inn is the level of communication you get. Whenever I go away I'm a worrier, I worry that I've not packed enough wipes or nappies, I worry have I got my passport (I must check this about 20times), I worry what if they haven't got my booking. Well, Premier Inn take the worry out of this situation for you. An email confirmation is sent to you and the day before you get a text.

Upon arriving at the hotel we were slightly miffed by the welcome, it wasn't the best, admittedly we were slightly early for check in, but it seemed like we were bothering the two young girls on the reception desk. Now, this hotel doesn't have its own car park, you have to use the NCP car park across the road. They do offer a discounted rate if you are a hotel guest, £6 for 24hours. This is an ok rate. However, one of the girls did state they NCP do a weekly ticket which allows you to go in and out of the carpark as many times as you like. This is priced at £13.50 and well worth the money.

After checking in and dealing with a very nice young lady called Sophie we went to our room via the one working lift and found our room had birthday balloons all over the floor, a helium balloon and a bag for Charlie. They had very kindly got him a book, a cuddly toy and a card.

This was so so kind of them and helped kick off the birthday celebrations in style!

So what did I take with us on our trip away? Here’s what I consider to be essentials when travelling with a toddler.

1). Own blanket; everywhere that we go whether we are staying with family, friends or staying in a hotel I always bring Charlie’s blankets from his bed. His routine is often disturbed when we travel so his blanket provides a little bit of familiarity.

2). Small, quiet toys. These are absolutely essential. We know that our environment in our house is Charlie proof, however public places and hotel rooms often have major distractions and things that aren’t baby proofed, so toys are a great distraction. Also when eating out and about taking the small and quiet toys will help whilst your waiting on your food.

3). Teething aid- Now there are various brands out there for these, however the one we prefer to use is Gummee Teething. We always take their Molla Mallet with us everywhere we go as you never know when teething will rear it’s ugly head!

And if there is anything you have forgotten or if you need anything just ask for help, most hotels and resorts will be more than happy to help you out.

Safe travels!

Love DB X

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