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Dear diary...

I'm feeling a bit flat right now and I'm not to sure why! I've spent the afternoon playing with Charlie whilst watching a James Bond film, perfect afternoon!

I'm sat right now in the kitchen listening to next door fiddle with their motorbike, the tea is on the oven and Bex is having a nap, although I did wake her up about 15mins ago. I don't know what has made me feel flat.

Is it the waiting to hear about the job I went for the other day, is it the fact that I have to go to work again tomorrow, is it the fact the house is a state? I have no idea but right now I feel flat.

I hate feeling like this, I just wanna be happy and upbeat.

I'm gonna make the tea and then in a few hours my favourite part of the day starts, bed time stories with Charlie.

Thanks diary,

Love DB x

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