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Driving Through for Christmas

Just outside Liverpool City centre lies the little village of Halewood and Old Ditton Farm. As with so many things this year Christmas has not escaped the disruption of Covid 19 and its knock on effects. Like many of you reading this now I have been keeping a close eye on developments on how we can celebrate the festive season and just what we are going to be able to do. So when it came to planning our annual trip to visit Santa we knew it was going to be a different experience than previous years.


After a quick Google search for Santa's grottos near us, we happened upon Old Ditton Farm in Liverpool, who are offering a drive thru Santa's grotto! Wow, we thought we have to try this! We arrived just after 6pm to be greeted by Paul, the owner of the farm, who told us we would be the first people to go through and what a treat was waiting for us. Driving into the grotto to familiar Christmas tunes we were greeted with a sea of lights hanging from every beam of this converted barn, festive inflatables and an overall feeling of Christmas. Now as we were the first people to go thru and also due to the restrictions of Coronavirus, plus because he is extremely busy at this time of year, there was no Santa in residence. However from 2nd December he'll be there to welcome everyone to his grotto. Joining Santa in the grotto there will be a cheeky elf, getting up to all sorts of mischief! At the time we went to this experience it wasn't completely finished, Paul did say that he has so much more he'd like to add. We spent around 20minutes inside the grotto looking at all the sights, singing along to the songs and generally soaking up the festive feeling.


This whole experience costs £15 per car, which includes the entry to the grotto and a present for one child. If you have additional children who want a present it's a further £6 per child. Charlie was in awe of all the lights and spent most of our time with his mouth agog and saying "look at that" and "wow". If you are in and around the Liverpool area and are looking for a unique and Socially Distanced Santa grotto experience then you can't go far wrong than visit Old Ditton Farm. You will need to book to be able to visit and you can do this by calling Paul on 07546726669.

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