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Halloween 2020

Well there you have it, another Halloween has come and gone, and all to quickly for my liking! Today we have been nursing a Halloween hangover and no that is not from too much gin last night, perhaps it would be better to call it suffering from post Halloween blues!

You see the build up to the spooky season in our house is something akin to going on vacation, the booking, the planning, the packing and finally getting on that big tin plane to your dream destination. Well that whole process and increase of daily excitement is what we pretty much feel from the end of July.

Yes we start planning for Halloween that early, not because we have anything to build or massive to plan, but because its a special time of year for us. I have always said that I prefer the end of the year as apposed to the beginning, there is just so much more going on, especially the last 3 months.

Think about it, October brings the autumn weather and of course Halloween. November you have bonfire night and the lead up to Christmas and then December hits and boom your knee deep in mince pies, tinsel and festive cheer!

Halloween 2020 was always going to be different, we just didn't know how different until it got here, although I'm pretty sure even Bojo didn't have a clue either! We made a conscious decision early on that we weren't going to let anything stand in our way of having a good time. Of course we were going to follow the guidelines and I'm pleased to say that we did, avoided a £200 fine and our socially distanced rig was the talk of the night, we even made the front page of our local newspaper because of it.

I have spent the day getting the house back to a pre spooky season state, although the garden will have to wait until it stops raining, whenever that will be! Upon reflection about last night both me and Bex felt quite sad. On previous years and especially last year, we usually have around 50-60 trick or treaters at our door. Last year saw me mid trick or treating running out to shop to get more sweets! In total last night, we saw about 15-20 kids at our garden gate.

But as they say the show must go on and we have plenty to look forward to for the rest of the year, even if we are in a state of lockdown. Planning for 2021 has already started and we have a few ideas that we'd like to try!

I personally can't wait for the festive period this year. Christmas day is going to look different for us as well this year as this will be the first year that we as a 3 will be spending it here in Blackpool and I am so excited for this.

I will sign off by saying this, we had a fab Halloween, we felt happy and sad all at once, but now were looking forward.

Stay safe,

Love DB x

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