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High There

I've just been to the shop, not a monumental statement I know but it was what happened in the shop that prompted this blog.

Our local shop is like many corner shops in the UK, small with narrow shelves brimming with everything from chocolate, toilet paper to those hold house essentials like fuses, and there's always that radio playing indistinguishable music somewhere in the shop, I'm convinced even the shop keeper doesn't know where its coming from!

As I walked down one of the two aisles a young man dressed in a suit, evidently on his way home from work walked past me. And he stunk. Stunk of weed, that unmistakable putrid smell omitted from him and his clothes.

Now as someone with a great amount of experience of having to put up with this odor due to our current pot head neighbours, I can tell you dear reader that is a smell like no other. It lingers in the air, gets into the inner fibres of your clothes and seeps out of your pours.

Immediately I made a snap judgement in my head about this man, loser is what I thought. But then that thought changed as I saw he had his daughter with him, now she is probably around the same age as Charlie, 4 years old.

My thoughts now on this man, well to be honest it didn't change, but it did change to how could someone who is responsible for a child smoke that much weed for them to leave scent in the air when they exit a room?

I suppose it comes down to choice. I choose not to do drugs, because I believe they are wrong, harmful and can ruin lives, but this is just my opinion. My other opinion is that anyone who used weed is a loser.

But I hear you cry what about those who use it for medical purposes? Are these people losers? The short answer, no. The medical properties of marijuna have been well documented and it does assist with some medical conditions.

Other opinions are that it should be legalised and the classification should be lowered. Well that's an idea, make it legal then tax the hell out of it. That might solve the problem but then like everything else, losers will find a way round it or move onto something else, and here we go again, same problem just a different high.

Stay safe,

Love DB x

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