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I need a hero

I found it quite difficult how to start this blog. I'm still not sure if this is the right way to start it but here goes!

Taxi driver David Perry is a hero. No two ways about it. That word gets banded about a lot, I'm not saying he isn't, let's not get our wires crossed here, but what he did could be summed up as heroic.

I mean locking a terrorist in the back of your taxi moments before it explodes and just making it out alive isn't something we come across everyday, thank god.

But I bet if you asked him I'm sure he wouldn't describe himself as a hero, just someone who stood up against something he knew was wrong.

Makes me think of all those service men and women we have just remembered during the rememberance weekend, not just those killed in the world wars, but in other conflicts too.

The lesson of fighting for something you believe in or think is wrong is something I very much want Charlie to learn. To many stand by and let others inflict their will and regime on them and too often they get away with.

Stay safe

Love DB x

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