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'Its the most wonderful time of the year...'

Its the 20th September 2020 and I cant believe that its been 22 degree celiscus outside today. Yes that is me complaining about nice weather! You see I am a bit strange, bear with me here, in the fact that I much more prefer it when its cold, wet and windy outside. I truly believe that I am not alone in this. In fact someone who loves the cold weather is called a Chionophile. According to Correlated.org 43% of people in the US prefer the cold to warm or hot weather.

Now my preference for the autumnal/wintery weather comes from 2 places. The 1st being I live in the Northwest of England and its generally the weather we get, not that we don't get treated to the occasional scorcher of a day and the 2nd is that this is the time of year where there is so much more going on.

Think about it the second part of the year is more exciting than the first part. Lets break it down:

September - Blackpool Illuminations are switched on*

World firework championships are held in Blackpool

October - Halloween (in our house this is a whole month long affair!)

November - Bonfire night

December - CHRISTMAS BABY!!!

See some much more than the beginning of the year, of course you have all your family events and holidays, but on paper its the best part of the year.

With 2020 being the exceptional year that it is have been so far we should really be relishing in the events of the upcoming months and celebrating as much as we can, from a safe social distance of course.

Well we decided to start doing just that. As I sit here typing this I am looking at a 6ft Black Christmas tree, however this is not a Christmas tree, its our Halloween tree!

This is our very 1st Halloween tree for 2020!
Halloween Tree 2020

This year we have decided to start a new tradition this year and have a Halloween tree complete with cobwebs, pumpkin lanterns, spiders and lights! This tree is from Argos and is from the their 2020 Christmas range.

If you didn't know we love Halloween in our house, so much so that 31st October is our actual wedding anniversary! This years mark 6 years since we tied the knot and what a 6 years its been!

Each year we go all out and decorate the house and do trick or treating for all the neighbourhood children, last year we even ran out of candy to give out. A few weeks after Halloween last year a guy was walking past the house and he said to us how much he enjoyed our decorations!

This years Halloween is going to look somewhat different, however we are still going decorate the house and have a socially distanced trick or treat experience.

Charlie was a little confused though why were putting up a christmas tree and not putting tinsel on it, he cried for a few minutes and demanded a christmas tree, however after telling what its for and explaing that this tree is only with us a few weeks, and of course letting him throw some cobwebs on it, he understood.

I'm in love with our Halloween tree and love our new family tradition. FYI as of right now its only 41 days to go!

Stay spooky!

Love DB

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