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Jumanji and the invite!

I don't know about you, but this year on 31st December I will be standing outside my house and at the stroke of midnight I will be shouting 'Jumanji!'. 2020 has certainly been a year for the history books, I mean what will they write about? Will they write about the tragedy of all those who have lost their life, will they write about how the politicians dither when it came to making those decisions which affect us

all, or will they write about the heroes who wear blue, or perhaps the rainbows which lit up every window or even perhaps they will write about how the world changed.

The one thing we can say about 2020, it was the year when everything changed. I could sit here and rattle of a list of probably over 20 things that have changed in our day to day but that wouldn't do anyone any good.

The one major thing that has changed for me recently and is something I have never really thought about until last week, is how do you find a new job in this current climate?

Well my friend that is one thing I am sat here trying to figure out ! The days of just rocking up to an employer with your CV in hand are, for now, long gone! In July of this year, slap bang in the middle what we're going through, I made the decision to jump ship from my job and start the search for a new job, fortunately I was very lucky and walked straight into a new job with 2 days of leaving my previous employer.

Now I have previously worked on several occasions within the employability sector and I know how bloody hard it is to find someone a job, even without Covid hiding round every corner to put stumbling blocks in your way!

At the moment I am working at a sweet factory, a job and industry that I have never worked in, something that I never really saw myself doing, and you might read that and think "well that sounds a bit snobby", but that couldn't be further from the truth. I am a firm believer in that if you want to work and need a job, and as long as its something you would enjoy doing, then you will do any job that comes your way, no excuses.

My realisation of how the job searching and application process has changed came in the form of an email from a prospective employer last week, inviting me to an interview, a virtual interview via the internet.

To be honest I am quite excited about the prospect of doing this type of interview, it's something that I have never done before! I think the thing I am trying to say throughout this short entry is that we have to change to make things better again. The internet and technology has certainly made things a lot easier for us all throughout 2020.

All I have do now is make sure that back ground, i.e the living room is tidy and that Charlie has some clothes on!

Do me a favour, keep em crossed!

Love DB x

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