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Keeping it Country

I have been a Country music fan ever since I can remember! In fact one of my earliest memories of Country music is sitting in the back of my parents car listening and singing along to a Don Williams tracks as we headed back from one of many family camping trips.

Now whenever you mention that you like Country music to most folk they generally do one of two things. First off they call it Country and Western (which totally grinds my gears!) and secondly they start thinking of traditional guitar picking and twanging songs of Johnny Cash, Patsy Clyne, Hank Williams and Dolly Parton.

Now please do not get me wrong, I do like some of these artists, however they are considered to be old country, I'm more of New Country fan with a small interest in the old stuff. The aforementioned artists were and are still considered to be the pioneers of Country music and that's where todays music stems from.

Sounds like a cliché to say it, but you can't know where you're going without knowing where you've come from!

I remember the very first Country music album I ever bought, it was Garth Brooks' 1993 'In Pieces' album, it was $9 from a man at a flea market in Kissimmee, Florida. Track 1 of this album is a song called 'Standing Outside the Fire' and man that song just hooked me and that was it, my love affair with Brook's music began right there and then, it is still going on today. If you ever get the chance to live to the Garth Double Live Album do so, its amazing!

Music was always on in our house when I was growing up this is something I am very keen to pass onto Charlie. We always have music on and a wide variety of genres too, everything from Vivaldi to Queen to Wild Cherry to Keith Urban and of course Baby Shark is always coming out of some sort of speaker. I want him to have a rich musical interest, and I want him to find his own interest. He is only 3 years old, but presently his absolute favourite type of music is that of Frankie Valle and the Four Seasons. His favourite song, Sherry!

Country music dominated the airwaves for me as a child. Obviously the artists that my parents listened to influenced me a lot in what I like. I always like to ask people when they hear about my favourite genre of music if they like Country music, most say no, well dear reader let me as you! Do you like Country Music?

If you answered no let me ask you this question! Do you like the song 'Need you now' by Lady A, or even any Shania Twain song or maybe any early Taylor Swift song? Well if you said yes, you like Country! And hey there's no shame!

In fact you would be surprise how many Country songs have made there way into the pop charts, slightly tweaked and released to the masses. Songs like 'When you say nothing at all' recorded by Ronan Keating in 1999 was actually previously recorded by Alison Krauss and her band Union Station in 1994! And Ronan isn't the only pop artist guilty of this! Adele has even done it, 'Make you feel my love' was released in 2008, but Garth Brooks had a hit with this song in 1998.

So with all that in mind I thought I would share with you a few of my favourite Country songs from 2020!

Big and Rich - Stay Home

Perhaps one of my favourite songs to come out of the pandemic, a very simple song with a very simple message. When Big and Rich exploded onto the Country music scene back in 2003/4 they set out to shake up the world of country music and they've been at it ever since! With their unique style, sound and sense of what makes country rock, they are certainly one of the most actively flamboyant singer/songwriters you'll ever hear.

Brad Paisley - No I in Beer

Brad Paisley is no stranger when it comes to telling stories via his music, just look at his 2003 hit duet with Alison Krauss, 'Whiskey Lullaby' for example. This year Brad released 'No I in Beer' originally set for release in 2021 and with different lyrics, this song tells of how we're all in this together and how through working with each other we can make everyday just a little better, oh and beer also helps!

Ashley McBryde - Martha Divine

Yet another modern day story teller, Martha Divine tells of how cheating one your significant other never ends wells, especially if your one doing the cheating! A fun, upbeat song of betrayal, revenge and heartache.

Kelsea Ballerini - Hole in The Bottle

It seems that 2020 was the year of the drinking song and hole in the bottle is no exception! This song is the type of song you'd hear in a honky tonk or on your favourite country station before heading out for the night!

I'm going to leave the list there with those 4 songs, but to be honest I could have gone on forever. 2020 was a great year for country music and I've wet your appetite for more you can listen to my 2020 hear on Spotify.


Love DB x

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