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Love it when a plan comes together

f my most favourite quotes in the world is on the front page of my blog and that quote is...

‘It isn’t the fastest, the strongest or the most intelligent of the species that survives, it’s the most adaptable’

That quote is so true, can be applied to every situation known to man and something that you should always remember, no matter how desperate the situation maybe!

Now our little family is unique. There’s me, Charlie and my disabled wife Becky (aka The Unicorn Mummy). Now me and Becky had known each other for quite a few years before getting together and I have always known that she has a disability. She has Arthrogyroposis, and it isn’t something that she suffers from because it’s never going to get better!

What her conditions means is that her joints are affected, and majorly she has not hip joint! Told you it wouldn’t get better!

When we were pregnant the idea of her having a natural birth was quickly thrown at the window, a C section was to be the best course for her and for Charlie.

Now when prepping for your new arrival most parents think about prams and cots and all the other essentials that your going to need, us on the other hand well we had to think a little differently. Of course we were planning all the usual stuff like what colour shall we make the nursery, or even do we really need 10 thousand muslin clothes?! But we had to think a little more practically. Now my wife uses a wheelchair on occasions and we even looked into adaptations for the chair that would hold a car seat.

I do genuinely forget that Becky has a disability, so much so it’s got us into some situations when we rock up at places we been met with ‘oh we didn’t know you were bringing a wheelchair’ and you know what it’s a sudden reminder to me! I just see Becky as Becky (just wish that other people do too!!)

Now being adaptable is not a skill everyone can muster when it’s required, but when you practice it everyday it becomes second nature. To us there is nowhere we can’t go and nothing we can’t do. However when certain people sow the seeds of doubt it can really get into your head and it can really throw you off balance and make you question how adaptable you really are!

Whenever we go out we do take her chair as she can’t walk too far without being in pain. I remember a few days after Charlie first arrived and we wanted to go out, we only wanted to go to Asda. We started off by trying to push the pram in front of the wheelchair with Becky holding onto the pram and me pushing her! We must have looked like, well I don’t actually know, we could of had our own Police escort! I think we got about 10feet from the door before decided that this wasn’t going to work.

One of the best things that we were given whilst we was going through the pregnancy was what we call the Pouch. It’s one of those baby carriers that you put round your neck, place baby in and strap around your back. This one is made by Chicco and has been and still is one of the best things we ever got, and I urge everyone to get one. Both me and a Becky use it near enough everyday. It comes in handy for when you want to pop to the shop or even if you don’t want to take the full pram. Charlie sits in the pouch facing front on Becky’s knee and away we go! We always get a lot of attention where we go as people can’t help but stop and stare in glee as they see Charlie wiggling his legs and having a whale of a time! We had found a situation with a problem and found a solution. The thoughts of ‘can we do this’ and ‘how are we going to manage’ disappeared without a second thought.

What I’m getting at here is this. You know you and what will work for you. You just have to think your way out of the problem. The best piece of advice I can,and will ever give you is listen to yourselves, by all means listen to the advice people want to give but ultimately you make the decision on what is going to work for you guys. You can manage and you are more adaptable than you know.

Love DB x

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