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Making a meal of it!!

I saw a friend of ours today who I haven’t seen in ages. I see what she and her new family are up to on Facebook but it was really nice to see her in person. We met them when we first attended antenatal classes and we instantly hit it off. She had her two boys with her, one of them only being a few months old. I asked how she and fella were doing and she regaled me with tales of the midnight feeds and how they were settling in to life with two small boys.

Now that got me thinking. I’m sat here trying to recall the time of when that was me, it seems such a long time ago, however I can honestly there is only one time that really stands out for me. It was 3am, Charlie wanted a bottle, I was blurry eyed and half dead to the world, we sat down in the chair in the nursery and he gobbled down his milk hungrily, did two big burps to finish with us both promptly falling asleep in that chair cuddling. It was a perfect moment, one that I will always cherish and have as a very selfish memory; just me and my perfect boy.

We Dads have the pleasure, as Mums do to share some very special moments with our children.

Fast forward a year and Charlie is now onto solid foods with the very occasional bottle.

Now when we started to feed Charlie proper food we started off using the spoons that we had been very kindly given at Bex’s baby shower. These spoons however weren’t much cop! For one the shape and size meant that the food would either slip off before making it near his mouth or there would hardly be anything on it!

We persevered with these spoons making more of a mess on his clothes than feeding the boy!

It wasn’t until my Mother In Law suggested that we try using a spoon that she has used, Vital Baby spoons.

These spoons are specifically designed to be used from 6months+ and as this is the stage where teeth are starting to rear their head the fact that these spoons are soft enough not to hurt your little monster gums if they decide to chomp down whilst your attempting to feed them is perfect!

Now at this stage Charlie is very much enjoying all different types of foods and is even having what we have, something which I am very proud of. He tries everything, at least once, and trust me when I say he lets us know if he doesn’t like it! If there is one piece of kit that I suggest you get when you move onto solids, it is to buy these spoons!

The shape of the spoons is also allowing Charlie to learn how to hold cutlery ready for the next stage.

The result of using these spoons, meal times for me are a lot easier, less messy and Charlie is satisfied!!


Love DB x

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