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MEN-tal Health

The world that we live in these days is vastly different from the world that I grew up in, and that is amazing!

So many things have changed for the better. Technology has greatly improved how we communciate with each other, social media has made the world smaller and attitudes for the most part have changed to be more accepting of people’s choices in everything from the way they educated their children, who they love and how they represent themselves to the world.

However one thing that hasn’t seemed to have changed as quickly is how we deal with, talk about and think about mental health, in particularly men’s mental health.

When I was growing up it wasn’t something that was openly talked about. These days it’s getting better, but it can still be seen as a taboo subject.

Recent media campaigns have brought it much more to the forefront of the conversation and celebrity endorsements such as the younger branch of the royal family have really helped to open up the conversation.

They recently teamed up with the charity ‘Shout’ to help launch their new text message service. Anyone needing to talk can text this service and be connected with someone who will listen and offer help. You can text the word SHOUT to 85258 24/7.

I don’t mind telling you that I at this present time that I am on antidepressant medication, sertralene. I’ve been on this since around October/November of 2018 and since then I’ve been dealing with my mental health, which is getting better every day. I still do have my bad days where I feel low and overwhelmed, but for the most part the days are good.

When was the last time you heard of a guy openly telling you about his mental state of mind. We men are expected to be seen as strong’ and don’t need any help, well let me tell you right now, sometimes we do.

So what lead up to me needing help? Everyone’s circumstances and reasons are different, my reach out came to a head due to stress at work and a constant feeling of not being able cope, plus a constant barrage of ‘nitpickers’ telling me about my appearance and how I need to change, after a while this wore me down and I felt hopeless.

This wasn’t helped by the feeling inside of me going ‘me man, me not need help, me cope’ which in hindsight (wonderful thing that is!) perhaps not the best way of dealing with it!

Of all the websites, services and people that are there to help the one message they all promote is that it is ok not to be ok, if you need help, talk and ask for it!! However saying that if you don’t feel like taking, that’s ok too, but just know there is always someone there for you.

And for all those ‘nitpickers’ out there, bugger off, I’m happy and this is me!!

Make sure you take care of you!

Love DB X

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