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Pea's noses pea's!

This was Charlie's tea tonight, looks good right, Young's Flipper dippers, Asda chips and peas, so what's the big deal you're thinking? A nice and filling tea, especially the fish with it being a natural source of Omega 3.

Omega 3 if you're wondering has so many health benefits such as being good for the health of your eyes, can reduce the risk factor of developing heart conditions, and

help fight anxiety and depression, plus a whole load more!

It has also been proven to help reduce the severity of ADHD symptoms in Children.

The peas well, getting any sort of veggie on your kids plate is always a parent win. The only thing is this is the first time in well over 6months that peas have been on his dinner plate, and there is a very specific reason. So their appearance tonight was a choice I made this afternoon whilst planning for tea with a little bit of trepidation!

The last time he had peas on his plate he stuck one right up his nose and it got stuck! How the hell this happened is beyond me, we watch him like a hawk when he's eating. But low and behold there it was! A little green globe lodged in his nostril!

Now lets imagine the situation! Here's Charlie with a pea stuck up his snoze and both Bex and me with our mouths wide open! Everything started running in slow mo, that scene from the Matrix comes to mind of how it went! How do you think we were acting?

Well dear reader we were as cool as cucumbers because not that very morning we had watched a video on YouTube of how to remove a pea from your child's nose! We sprung into action, very calmly I might add and followed these very simple steps!

1). Grab your child and examine

The first thing you need to check is exactly how far up the nostril your green invader is, if its quite shallow you'll be fine, any deeper than say half the tip of your little finger, you'll need to go to A&E.

2). Lie them back on your knee

You're going to need them lying across your knee with their head at a slight tilted back angle, i.e. so their mouth is looking at the ceiling.

3). Cover/Squeeze the unblocked nostril

Pushing down on the unblocked nostril with your finger you're ready to do the next step.

4). Cover mouth and blow quickly and sharply

Like giving mouth to mouth, create a seal around their mouth whilst squeezing/blocking the other nostril and give a quick, sharp blow.

5). Hey presto, you're done!

If you've followed these steps correctly the pea should just pop right out!

Please note that I am not medically trained, this is just advice that I found from a YouTube video, which worked for us, if you are unsure or not confident I would suggest you visit A&E.

So I hope this helped and I hope you never need to use these tips, but if you do at least you'll know what to do!

Love DB x

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