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Where to find the best Pumpkin patch near Blackpool

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Two years ago we visited our very first pumpkin patch in Coventry and we've been been hooked on visiting them ever since! As you might have guessed by now we love October, and in particular Halloween, is our most favourite time of year.

Not only do we get decorate the house, play dress up, go all out on our front garden display, but its also our wedding anniversary! This year (2020) marks six years since tying the knot!

With everything that is going on we weren't too sure if we were going to be able to indulge in one our newest Halloween traditions of visiting a pumpkin patch , but thank goodness we managed to find one that is open and as an added bonus its close to where we live in Blackpool. Just a short 28minute drive from the house is Bradshaw's Farm shop and Garden centre, located on the A6 just outside of Garstang (PR3 0LB).

Charlie is at that age when he is starting to get excited about things and understand why things can be exciting, I can't wait for Christmas! So when we told him that we were going to visit a pumpkin patch, he could hardly contain his excitement!

Now before we go anywhere we do a bit of recon, this is for a numerous reasons, i.e. prices, payment method, opening times and of course how to get there, but the main thing we were looking for was accessibility. Calling them to find out what the lay of the land was, pardon the pun, we were advised that we needed to book a slot as they are operating as a Covid secure venue.

The time slots were are available throughout the day and are an hour long, with a space in between to allow visitors to pick pumpkins, pay and load, whilst allowing for secure social distancing. This was all explained to me when I called to book.

Like most parents, and especially our family, accessibility for the wheelchair is a big deal when we visit anywhere, and I was told that like most pumpkin patches it can be quite muddy, especially with the recent weather we've had! But the track leading to the patch is gravelled, which was music to my ears, last year the patch we visited was able to accommodate Becky's wheelchair, so she had to sit and watch from the far edge. I hate when she missed out on family adventures due to inaccessibility, but today that wasn't the case, all three of us would be making new memories! Bradshaws have also recently resurfaced their car park in preporation for this time of year. I can honestly say that if you are visiting with a pram/pushchair or wheelchair, you will be absolutely fine, just make sure you bring your wellies!

Charlie had a blast! He danced, ran and giggled his way through the patch and managed to pick some three corkers and load them into the waiting wheelbarrow. He was wearing his Squelch brand wellies, which, upon returning to the car, were full of muddy water! Any puddle he saw was fair game!

If you have never just jumped in a puddle for the hell of it and laughed your head off, then dear reader you are missing out! Why do we only do these things are children?! Go jump in a puddle the next time you see one, I dare you!

The pumpkins are priced on their weight, 80p per kg was todays price. After parting with £21 odd we loaded the car and headed off.

As I type this he's in bed, dreaming of the afternoon that he's had, remising in how much fun he's had. I asked him just before leaving his to drift off what he had seen and done and he regaled me of the chickens and cows he'd seen, the pumpkins he had picked and the puddles he'd splashed it.

If you live in the Northwest and are looking for a great pumpkin patch then you can't go far wrong than going to give the good folks at Bradshaw's a go.

Happy picking!

Love DB x

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