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Santa's Drive Thru Adventure

When you think of christmas activities the one thing that is pretty near the top of the list is visiting the big man himself. 2020 has been the year where everyone has learned to adapt, and Santa Claus is no exemption to this! He and his Elves still wanted to make their annual trip to Wrexham, so they called upon their friends at Cyclone Events to see if they could help out. We'll it turns out what Santa had in mind was to bring a little bit of North Pole magic with him and it just so happens that's exactly what he's done!

To make sure that he is able to see all the boys and girls, and not forgetting Mummys and Daddy's, Santa has managed to bring the North Pole to Wrexham with his Drive Through Santa experience! Our friends at Cyclone Events invited the 3 of us down to experience this magic for ourselves, and boy what an adventure awaited us! Just outside Wrexham City centre at Bryn-Y-Grog Hall is where you will find the North Pole, temporarily of course between now and 23rd December and for £27.34 you and the whole family can emerse yourself in the magic of christmas. This interactive drive through experience takes you through a series of illuminated scenes, depicting what the North Pole looks like. A totally accessible night out for all, you don't even have to leave your car! So if you've got anyone who uses their own set of wheels, such as a wheelchair or pushchair, you can leave those at home!Kids and big kids alike will be amazed at dazzling displays and it even snows! Charlie's face throughout our drive was a picture, he loved every minute of it.

The whole experience features around 4 to 5 different scenes, you're drive and the traffic is controlled by traffic lights, which means that you get most scenes to yourself, and this allows for you and Santa's Elves to have full interactions and even talk to them. Now we have been to a coupe of Santas grottos in the past with live actors, but the level of commitment the actors here have to their role is commendable, they made the whole experience, they made both me and Becky feel like kids again, jumping into the role of playing along with characters is quintasentially parenting. The whole experience features live scenes, actors, lights, special effects and multimedia displays. Driving through you really feel like you've been transported to icy plains of the North Pole. Several surprises await you throughout your drive to the top of North Pole Mountain, including live reindeer!

Some of Santa’s reindeer

Your whole night culminates with you meeting the big man himself, all at a Socially distanced range. If you are looking for the best Santa and Santa's Village experience then this is the one to go to. We were in the village around a 45mins and all 3 of us spent the whole time smiling, laughing and I'm not too proud to admit this, crying with joy. This made me and Becky feel so magically and like children again.

Christmas trees are everywhere!

Booking online for this event is essential and tickets can be purchased via https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/santas-big-drive-thru-christmas-adventure-tickets-120912166545 The event is open now until 23rd December 2020 and time slots start from 4pm. Merry Christmas! Love DB x

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