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Sun, Sea and Savings

Budgeting money has something that I have never ever been good at and still to this day I’m no good at it. Like most blokes I take offence at the saying ‘must be a bloke thing’ or ‘bet he gets the wife to do that’ well when it comes to money that’s exactly what I do. In our house the chief account is my wife.

However I’m always on the look out for a bargain and ways to help me get a handle of that fickle thing call money and today I found one!

Earlier this week I announced to the world and my wife of course that we are going away to Walt Disney World, in 2021. So the saving has started, so far I have £1.74 towards it.

We were in town today and bumped into a friend of ours and somehow we got onto the subject of holidays and how he was saving his money with his travel agent and he is paying towards it a week at a time without even booking a holiday!

Now this peeked my interest! A holiday, saving money and paying for it without having to book it?! Sign me up! Well that’s exactly what we did! We trundled off straight to Tui and enquired how it worked.

The way it works is you can pay whatever you want into sort of an account that you set up, there’s no minimum payment, no contract, pay in as often or as little as you want and you don’t even have to book anything. You can save towards a holiday!! Paying into the account can be done in person or via the phone.

So with £5 in my hand we have started saving towards our holiday. Finally a budgeting tool that is liveable and flexible, even I can’t screw this one up!!

Happy saving!

Love DB x

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