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What does it mean to be masculine? Is it purely a title or a label given to men who are that little bit something extra than the ordinary bloke you find on the street?

Well let’s explore that. The dictionary definition of masculine is;

“having qualities or appearance traditionally associated with men”

Well hang on one minute that sounds like me;

I’m a man. I have a beard (very manly). I have a penis. I have muscles. I dress like a man. I have a wife. I drink beer. I like cars (ish). I hang around with other males friends. I like DIY. So aren’t these qualities or appearances associated with men?!

The reason I bring this up is that earlier this week 007, Daniel Craig, was seen walking through London carrying his son in a baby carrier and suddenly it isn’t masculine for men to do this!!

This whole question around masculinity was raised by that most tactful of man, Piers Morgan.

The last time I looked it was 2018 and attitudes and views were very much on the change for the better on a variety of issues. I mean let’s take the ever hot topic of sexuality and gay marriage for example. Now I live in Blackpool one of the most tolerant places in the UK for attitudes towards sexuality and it’s a privilege to be able to say that.

What Piers Morgan is suggesting is that a man carrying his baby in a carrier is not masculine and is in fact emasculating men! Well Piers in my opinion that is utter rubbish. Why can’t a man be seen to taking care of his offspring? Is this point of view down to a generational thing or people’s upbringing? It’s no longer 1955 where the woman stay at home and the men go out to work! I don’t see how this very public display of what can only be described as a very safe, caring, and bonding way of transporting your baby can be described as emasculating men.

I feel a great deal of pride when me and Charlie go out with him in his pouch!

I think that people like Piers Morgan need to get a life and stop looking into things so deeply!!

On that though we are now needing to get a new pouch for Charlie as he is rapidly growing out of his current one.

In a previous blog I spoke about our Chicco pouch. I was told about a supplier called InfantTree on Instagram who make these pouches, certainly going to be having a look into getting one!

But until then, I’ll keep carrying my baby in his pouch and if it’s good enough for James Bond, well it’s good enough for Blogs, The Dad Blogs and Piers Morgan can go swivel!

Love DB x

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