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Turtle-ly Recyclable

One of the very first thoughts that raced through my mind when we found out that we were expecting was ‘am I good enough to be a dad...and how the hell am I going to teach him all that he needs to know?!’

I suppose you never really know the answer to this question until your in that situation.

Before Charlie arrived on the scene we did all the necessary prep. Bought all the gear, read all the parenting books, painted and fitted out his nursery and then boom at 10:44 am on 24th May 2017 it happened, I became a Dad.

As he is approaching his 2nd birthday he has learnt a heck of a lot for his age. I have my brilliant Wife to thank for all that he knows, she’s spends the majority of the day with him and is doing an awesome job in educating him. He can count to 20 with no problem, he knows animal sounds, can recognise people and their names and is even starting to recognise words.

There is one lesson that I am very keen he learns, how to be #environmentally friendly.

We take the recycling in our house very seriously. We’ve even gone as far in the past of upcycling things to prolong the act of throwing them away.

You should see our #recycling bins and boxes each week, they are jam-packed to the brim with all sorts of recyclable products. I want Charlie to grow up knowing that in order to take care of his environment he has a responsibility to do his part.

Recycling is constantly in the news at the moment and environmentalists are constantly warning about the dangers of not doing anything, not just to our future but to our children’s children’s future.

Major companies across the world have started to take small steps and one such company is the #McDonald's Corporation, home of the most awesome of burgers, the Big Mac. Earlier this month they stopped distributing plastic straws with the drinks they serve and replaced them with paper straws. Paper biodegrades quicker than plastic and is less harmful to wildlife if swallowed.

Now as a bloke and a daddy I enjoy the odd beer on the weekend and each time I buy a 4 pack I make a point of cutting the plastic up. This is something that I have always done since seeing the horrific images of sea turtles getting their necks and fins caught in these plastic rings.

One further step I have taken this week is looking into reusable straws. As a consumer who drinks a lot of takeaway soda drinks these will be of great use to me as many other fast food retailers follow McDonald's example.

Whilst searching on Instagram I came across a company called Turtle Savers who produce a line of reusable straws. Turtle Savers are on a mission to reduced plastic waste and make sustainable products.

I certainly want Charlie to learn the lesson that we all need to start making changes to not only how we use products, but how we discard them and how it will impact on our environment.

I want Charlie and future generations to be able to see wildlife in its natural habit and not just in a museum as a stuffed display piece.

Together we can all make a difference. If you would like to get some reusable straws for your family, use this special link and enter the discount code ANDYH11 at the checkout.

Love DB X

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