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Room for a little one

On a typical day the morning alarm bells start chimming around 5:45am then continually every 20minutes until I eventually hear them and they continue till around 8:40am, if I ever hear this one, I’m late!

Depending on what day it is depends on what time our morning routine starts, we do strive to have two lie in’s a week, we don’t always get them but hey that’s all part of parenting life.

The morning light streams in through the curtains in our bedroom and rudely awakens me from my bed. I stumble in a state of delirium to bathroom and try to focus on this bed-headed, fuzzy and blurry man staring at me from the mirror. It isn’t a pretty sight!

From the room to my right I hear the little monster starting to stir in his cot and this signals the start of our day.

Charlie’s nursery was something that I very much enjoyed decorating. Ironically two weeks before we found out we were expecting I had just finished turning his future room into my office!

The theme for Charlie’s room is Dumbo and this is what we tried to match the bedding and other soft furnishings too. It was also a theme adopted by family and friends when it came to presents they gave us.

The walls in Charlie’s room are a sky blue colour and his carpet matches. With a white finished ceiling and light grey wall this room has a very calming and serene feel to it. We wanted his room to have this feel, somewhere that would provide a chilled out area allowing for complete rest and hopefully full nights sleep.

When it came to equipping his room with furniture we weren’t too proud as to use second hand goods. My parents supplied us with his cot bed. Anywhere where you can make a saving in then initial stages in a much welcomed boost.

Saying that we did splash out on a few luxuries for his room. For example he has two night lights. One is the main room light, which is a smart bulb controlled by our Alexa. The bulb is scheduled to switch off a few hours after he has drifted off to sleep. He also has an elephant which is battery powered and has three colours.

His room is also fitted with a black out blind. We bought ours from Dunelm Mill and was around £15. When he sees this blind go down he knows what time it is. For undisturbed sleep for a baby they are brilliant.

Up on the walls are various prints and pictures that we were gifted and also bought. One of my favourites that he has is one of me and Bex from our honeymoon. This adds a personal touch and reminds him that we are always near by.

So how do you start decorating your nursery ready for you little one? Here’s my top 5 tips:

Decide on a colour scheme using 2-3 colours. Try and find calming colours as this will only help with the bed time routine. This is already an expensive time in your life and paint isn’t the cheapest of things. You can always add to the colour pallet at a later date. We got our paint from Wickes as they often have the best deals on paint and to be honest anything DIY related.

Do your research on mattress for your cotbed. There are numerous types that you can get. One of the best tips I can tell you is go visit your local nursery supply store and see the display examples they have and see what matches your budget. We got totally confused at this as believe it or not there are several different types of springs which all do different things, so seeing and feeling the examples in person really helped us out. We went for a dual core mattress which is anti-allergy and provides temperature regulation. We bought this from Mamas and Papas.

Talking of budget, shop around for second hand furniture like a cot. Most suppliers of second hand goods will offer you a good price for quality goods and remember you can always upcycle and as Mrs.Hinch would do you can always give it a good ‘hinch’!

Black out blind. Get one.

Make the room as calm as possible, this is done by not having the room over cluttered with furniture and toys. Lighting plays a huge part in this. If you’ve got a dimmer switch brilliant, if not there are other ways like plug in and battery operated nightlights. Or if you want to you can always get a smartbuld.

I hope you enjoy making your little ones nursery!

Love DB X

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