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One hell of a yeard!!

About a year ago ish I decided that I was going to do a thing called a 'yeard'. What is a 'yeard' I hear you cry?! Well it's basically 12months straight of growing your beard which no shaving or excessive trimming! In October I completed my yeard and have now decided that I'm going to be keeping my long beard and in fact it's my goal to make it even longer than this year! Doing a yeard or even growing a beard takes a lot of determination, personal strength and commitment. For one you have to maintain it, the shape, the style obviously the cleanliness, all this adds up to a lot. For me, I feel a great sense of achievement and pride. Being apart of an online bearded community like that ran by @dancbearded makes its a lot easier when dealing with the ups and downs of growing a beard. There have been those moments where I have wanted to get the razor out and shave the whole thing off, but those moments have been eclipsed by the compliments I've had on my beard. So was it worth it, hell to the yes! It might sound silly to say growing a beard is a thing to be proud of, but it's an achievement, and one that I proudly wear on my face! I'll leave you with these words.... With great beard, comes great responsibility! Beard on!! . . . #dadblogs2405 #thedadblogs #blackpooldad #instabi #instadad #blackpool #beard #beardedmen #dancbearded #beardbrothers #yeard #movember #beardon #beardstyle #beardsofinstagram

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